Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Ok, so just to keep this separate from the other posts. Let's talk schedule.
It seems we have two groups here.... one that has kids and is probably busy most the weekend and one that is working later at night. If we go forward with this being more of a critique/idea session I can see this working if we get together after work at maybe 7ish and waiting to start until 8 if that fixes Dan's scheduling. Gino.. chime in here too... are weeknights pretty much out for you altogether or is there something that can work on a weeknight for you? I don't think Tues or Thurs is a problem for me if that works better for Paul. I'm guessing we just need like 2 or 3 hours to do this so 8 to 11 is fine with me. I'm guessing we can do this a my house, or any of our places.... or even a coffee shop or somewhere that is friendly to us hanging out for a few hours. I'll do some more thinking about that but we can for sure do the first one at my house.

I could probably do a Saturday morning once a month as well, not sure how that would work for DJ though because I'm so intimate with his schedule.. i know he has Max whilst Rory is at dancing school with Ella (thereby freeing me up).

Alright... I've said enough.... discuss....


  1. If we did it after 8, say on a Friday night (which for me is the least busy day of the week) around the Norwalk area, I think it would work for me. Other than weekends which are usually wide open.

  2. Tuesdays and Thursdays are usually good for me. Friday nights are usually pretty free for me and of course, being Friday I'd be available until a bit later in the evening. If we're talking about doing this once a month then I can likely be available on Saturday mornings as well.

  3. I've got a pretty mixed schedule. I'll have to see what's up when. Cindy's work schedule changes every week.

  4. Saturday mornings I'm sure I can figure something out. The girls are technically done around 10am. I can always do a drive by and toss the 6 year old out the door.
    "Tuck! and Roll, MAX!"
    I'll make anything work. Fridays I'm actually surprised you guys are willing to take on. Isn't that a big W.O.W. night? (insert snickering) :P

  5. See I'm willing to sacrifice WoW on a Friday here and there so I can see you fine people.

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  7. Paul, you just earned some extra bonus points with me.

    I was just thinking. It is not like we would be meeting for dinner. We totally could meet real late like 10 or something. It would be like going out to the bar or something, but not really.

    PS. I just realized it is WoW not W.O.W. I apologize for my ignorance.