Monday, March 30, 2009

Next Meeting

Hey all. Just wanted to give a reminder that we'll be meeting up again on Tuesday April 7th. My house (66 Regent Terrace, Milford) at 6:30. I'm sure we'll hang out a bit before we get started so just let me know if you'll be attending and what time you think you can make it by. Also if anyone has any special requirements such as video or audio let me know and I'll make sure I'm ready for you to hook up to my tv or stereo if possible. Remember to bring 2 new words with you too!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Get To It

Ok guys... the words are in, Paul and I put all the words on a piece of paper, flipped them over, scrambled them up and then pretended to be you guys and picked. You'll see we didn't cheat because we got stuck with some of our own damn words.

Gino: "Fist" & "Chamber"

Paul: "Company" & "Concubine"

Bill: "Zoo" & "Surly"

Jim: "Ransacked" & "Frankfurter"

DJ: "Nickel" & "Tuna"

I'll throw a date of April 7th out there as a deadline and see what happens as far as meeting up either on that date or close to it.
Have fun and go make something.