Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Get To It

Ok guys... the words are in, Paul and I put all the words on a piece of paper, flipped them over, scrambled them up and then pretended to be you guys and picked. You'll see we didn't cheat because we got stuck with some of our own damn words.

Gino: "Fist" & "Chamber"

Paul: "Company" & "Concubine"

Bill: "Zoo" & "Surly"

Jim: "Ransacked" & "Frankfurter"

DJ: "Nickel" & "Tuna"

I'll throw a date of April 7th out there as a deadline and see what happens as far as meeting up either on that date or close to it.
Have fun and go make something.


  1. SO... How is everyone doing? Has everyone or anyone started something? I know I have learned a lot about the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna.

  2. I haven't started the actual work but I think I have workable idea. I have a few free hours coming up this Saturday so I hope to make some progress then.

  3. Hey guys.... just submitted my project to the lab for printing :)
    How are we looking for an April 7th meetup?

  4. "How are we looking for an April 7th meetup?"
    So far? Terrible. Hopefully I can pull it all together soon.

  5. I'm in good shape (I think). Are Paul and I the only readers? Anyone?... Anyone?